Los Amigos have been playing for ten years in many venues including festivals, private performances, and TV appearances in Mexico and the United States. They play a variety of Latin-American music including boleros, baladas, huapangos, sones, cumbias, rancheras, valses, etc. They have distinguished themselves in New Mexico for being one of the few groups that continues to play traditional music from the most popular Mexican trios and Latin-American singers. Some of these performers include: Los Panchos, Los Tres Ases, Los Tres Caballeros, Los Tres Reyes, Vicente Fernandez, Antonio Aguilar, Juan Gabriel, Jose Jose, Alejandro Fernandez, Luis Miguel, Mana, Sin Bandera, to mention a few. They also play a variety of Classical Music suitable for concerts, weddings, and soothing background music for private functions.

LOS AMIGOS, Mexican Trio play mostly for audiences in Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico including surrounding areas.



    Omar Villanueva started playing guitar when he was 13 years old. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Guitar performance from the “Conservatorio de Música del Estado de México” in Mexico and a Master’s Degree on Guitar performance from the University of New Mexico. He has performed as a solo guitarist in chamber music, symphony orchestras, and many popular music ensembles in Mexico and the United States. Some of the events include performances at music festivals, universities, music schools, TV appearances and private events. Omar is recognized in his hometown Matamoros Mexico and New Mexico as one of the finest Classical guitarist and requinto players. He has won several prizes for his musical performance including:

• 1st place on the 2005 “University of New Mexico” Concerto Competition
•1st place on the “Joyce Walker” Music Competition organized by the Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico.
• Scholarship “Jose Teran” 2005 given by the Mexican Consulate for talented musicians.
• “Friends of Music” Scholarship given to talented musicians of the University of New Mexico (2005)
• 2nd prize at the 1st Chamber Music Competition at the “Conservatorio de Música del Estado de México” 2003
• Semi-finalist of the 2006 “Juan Serrano” International Classical Guitar Competition at Fresno Ca.
• 2nd place “Best Requinto” in Matamoros Mexico 1997

   Omar’s playing is a mix of classical guitar technique with the style of the greatest requinto players from Mexico. His main influences include the best requinto players in the world like Gilberto Puente (Los Tres Reyes), Juan Neri (los Tres Ases), Chamin Correa (Los Tres Caballeros) and Alfredo “Guero” Gil (Los Panchos) and the classical guitar teachers Michael Chapdelaine and Francisco Gil.

Omar has also won voice competitions (popular music) including:

• 1st place in the annual high school voice competition in 1996 (Matamoros Mex.)
• 1st place in the annual high school voice competition 1998 (Matamoros Mex.)
• Best Vocalist of the Matamoros Youth Competition 1997 (Matamoros Mex.)
• 3rd place in the annual high school voice competition 1997 (Matamoros Mex.)
• 2nd place at the New Mexico Expo Voice Competition 2005 (Albuquerque NM)

Currently, Villanueva is an active classical guitarist and teacher of Latin-American music based mostly in Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico. He also teaches guitar privately at Guitar Associates in Albuquerque.


    Arnaldo, started playing guitar when he was 9 years old in Ciudad Juarez Mexico under the guidance of his father. He absorbed most Mexican styles from him and developed his passion for the guitar playing in local events at his hometown. When he was 15 years old he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2008 he started taking guitar lessons at West Mesa High School Guitar program which was directed by Omar Villanueva. Arnaldo was a very active guitar student in all concerts and local events where the Guitar program participated from 2008 until his graduation in 2010.

Arnaldo joined Los Amigos of New Mexico in September 2009 and he has had the opportunity of playing in many venues, shows and private events with this group. He continues to learn guitar and requinto technique under the guidance of Omar Villanueva.

1st place at the “West Mesa High School” Talent show 2009
1st place at the "West Mesa High School" Talent Show 2010
Best Musician of "West Mesa High School" 2010


Jaime Martinez: Guitarist and Guitarron player (Mexican Bass Guitar) from Taos, New Mexico. He plays variety of Mexican Music and flamenco.

Gerardo Garcia: Lead singer and guitarist from Mexico. He is member or other two local bands in Albuquerque.

Felipe Ruibal: Lead singer and guitarist from Pojoaque, New Mexico. He has been leader of other local groups in the state.

Bobby Espinoza: Guitarron player from Taos, New Mexico.

Rafael Columbie: Cuban guitarist that plays variety of Latin Music


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